What Is Vacuum Loading Services

The Many Services That Movers

Whether you are considering moving to a new home, or just a better location, this service can help you find a company that will do everything that you need and more.

This relocation service can take many things into consideration before deciding where to move. They will look at your belongings to see if they need to be transported with you. The company also can look at all of the moving trucks that are available, to see if you have space to use one of them, and the best way to move the items that are being moved.

Most of these companies will charge you a small fee for the service. However, there are also some that don’t charge anything, so make sure that you are aware of the charges that you will be charged for their service, before you choose them.

When you hire a company like this, you can rest assured that your things will be safely transferred from one location to another. This service is also a great help when you need to make sure that your belongings are protected from damage, theft, and more.

If you are wondering what types of services are offered when you are moving, you might consider what services they offer. Some of these services include helping you load all of your belongings into the moving trucks, and help you transport them to the new home. If you do not have the time to do it yourself, these services are great for you to use, as they can load and move all of your things on their behalf.

Things That Make Moving Less Miserable

In addition to using the recommended items below, found that sticking to a basic plan works well regardless of where you’re going or what you’re moving. First, sell or donate anything that’s a hassle (or overly expensive) to transport, such as furniture or large appliances. What you keep, pack with care—it takes time to find reliable and meaningful things. Moving is expensive and exhausting, and all used whatever free or cheap supplies work great for moving replaceable things, but protection for the things that matter is worth spending some cash. And if you can afford to do so, hiring movers is almost always worth the cost: Your back (and your friends) will thank you.

A wardrobe box makes it easy to pack all of the nice clothes hanging in my closet. Yes, I could just put a plastic garbage bag over half the hanging shirts at once and throw them in the back of a car, but if you have any clothing that you want to treat gently (that one thing you wear to every wedding, say, or a suit that actually fits), a wardrobe box protects it through a move so that it comes through unscathed. This Home Depot box is strongly constructed out of thick cardboard and features a metal hanging bar, so you can load it with a fair amount of weight. The box is bulky, but its well-positioned handles make it easier to carry solo, and you can put shoes or other items at the bottom if you need a bit of extra storage.

Consider crate rental

Cardboard boxes are most people’s go-to for a move, but I’ve found a different way to pack to avoid the endless folding, taping, and breaking down that comes with cardboard. The service delivered stacks of plastic bins to my door before I moved and picked them up when I was done. The bins are easy to open and close as well as to stack and roll on a dolly (which you can also rent from the company), and I was able to pick them up and move them around thanks to their sturdy handles

I don’t have to throw them out after every move, and they’re so durable that some of mine are more than 15 years old (that’s 10 moves between three states). And unlike cheap moving boxes, they work for storage too: Even in a dank basement or dirty garage, they keep out-of-season clothes, spare blankets, extra electronics, or anything else safe and dry like no cardboard box can.

Certain sizes have handles that make lifting easier, and the top flaps are designed to stay flat against the sides (and out of your way) while you’re packing. During my last move I found it particularly handy to order the boxes online

What items need to be packed into boxes for your move

So you’re moving to a new home and you don’t completely understand exactly which household articles need to be packed into boxes for your move. Generally, the answer is that everything needs to be packed into boxes, except for indoor and outdoor furniture which professional movers will protect with pads and furniture quilts

It is better to purchase uniform size boxes because movers stack boxes inside the truck (as shown below) and uniform box sizes allow your mover to create more uniform loads which better protect your shipment. A quick tip: do not use plastic tote or tub containers as explained

However, if the mover packs the box then the mover will be fully responsible for damage to the contents of the box which they packed (in accordance with the type of loss/damage liability which you have selected for your move). Movers call cartons which they pack “CP” cartons (which stands for “Carrier Packed”). You may also be interested in the fact that when a mover refers to “packing” the mover is referring to packing boxes, not the truck (movers pack boxes and they load the truck).

often find that customer’s pack boxes first without bothering to learn how to pack correctly and this is a mistake. Packing household articles into boxes is a bit of an art and we have many tutorials

guides which will help you learn the correct household packing methods and we hope that you will utilize the resources we have provided to help your complete your move safely and to your satisfaction.


you get a cost-effective way to transport your home or office items — and save a little money along the way. Plus, there’s no driving required.

You load.

Once the trailer is dropped, the clock starts ticking. Break a little sweat, or hire help — either way, the packing is left to you. You will have three days to load the trailer before we pick it up (most customers need only in one or two days)

Pack properly. We’ll show you how to pack, but you will need to correctly load boxes and brace your stuff using tie-down ratchet straps, bungee cords, or rope. You’ll also want to wedge softer items (pillows and other bedding in a large plastic bag) between boxes and furniture to fill in gaps and keep your belongings from shifting while the truck is in motion. Important note: You cannot file a claim for damages that are determined to be the result of poor packing.

Ramp up. The SureMove trailer sits off the ground, so we provide a 12-foot ramp you will use to move boxes, furniture, into the trailer.

Separate space. You may need to install a partition, which will be provided to you. This keeps your load separate from commercial freight, which will fill the rest of the trailer (if there’s room). There won’t be other people’s stuff on your trailer, though.

We move you.

Once you’ve loaded your belongings in the trailer’s nose (directly behind where the driver sits), the driver will return and haul your stuff to your new home or office. Need additional services, like storage, same-day pickup, or need the driver to stick around?

You unload.

When the rental trailer arrives at regional service center closest to your new location, bring the rental trailer to your new home or office. You then have three days to unload your freight before we come and pick up the empty rental trailer.

What You Can’t Put on a Moving Truck and Why

You’re in the midst of a big move, and you’ve got everything planned out. On moving day the truck arrives, but you soon find out you’ll have to find another way of transporting a few of your things. Whether you’re using professional moving services or packing up the moving truck yourself there are certain items that are never allowed. To avoid delays on moving day it’s important to become familiar with what can’t be loaded in advance.


Any items that could possibly ignite are strictly prohibited, because of the danger they pose. Should a fire start in the back of the truck not only does it pose a threat for the people driving, but there’s also a good chance it would destroy everything inside. It’s in your best interest to make sure any and all flammables are separate from your other belongings.


Anything that’s combustible is off limits for the same reasons as flammables. These types of materials are extremely dangerous and should be handled with care. Even if it seems like they are safe, all it takes is an increase or drop in the temperature for them to become a safety hazard.

Firearms are particularly problematic since states each have their own regulations on how they can be handled and transported. Also, what’s legal in one state can be considered illegal in another. The Federal Peaceable Journey law allows owners of legal firearms to transport a weapon as long as the owner has a permit for the locations where they are moving to and from. The firearms must also be unloaded and inaccessible.

Perishable Items

Perishable items that are still in the fridge or open containers from the pantry aren’t dangerous, however, because they perish most movers don’t load them up on their trucks. This is definitely the case for a long distance move. Instead you’ll need to plan ahead with some coolers if you want to bring perishables along to your new home.