What Is A Home Inspection

Rental Housing & Inspections

Rental Fee Updates

Well-managed rental properties in compliance with city codes will see no increase in fees for 2020.  The annual rental registration fee, inspection fees and all other rental fees will remain the same. Notable updates are highlighted below.

The City has seen a significant rise in rental property owners rescheduling or canceling their appointments at the last minute. Because of the notification requirements landlords must provide to tenants, these appointment slots are often not able to be backfilled with property owners on the waiting list. In addition, the rescheduled appointment takes a future slot away from other property owners in need of an appointment. In order to better utilize the cancelled slots and more effectively use inspector’s time

Short-term Rentals

Ordinance designates short-term rentals as a commercial enterprise, only permitted in certain zoning districts. These would include rentals let by the night or week.   Residential rental property typically has rental terms of 30 days or more.  The city regularly reviews online websites such as VRBO, Airbnb, Homestay and other websites for short term rentals operating in the city.

Service Request Form – Submit this form to file a complaint with a rental property. Whenever possible, tenants should provide written complaints to landlords before filing a complaint with the City.

Guide to Inspecting Plumbing

As a home inspector, it is important to pay attention to all the details of the major home systems. Plumbing is no exception. Knowing how plumbing systems work and understanding the different types, components, and proper verbiage will allow you to identify any minor or major issues.

for this informative webinar which will discuss the important items to consider when inspecting plumbing, what to look for and where to look, as well as important standard operating procedures and industry standards to help you perform a thorough plumbing inspection of a home.

Try locating a carpenter that specializes in, or has experience with old homes. “Checking” refers to fractures that run in the instructions of the grain and type when the wood is drying out. A seasoned carpenter comprehends the homes of old wood and can evaluate these conditions relatively.

biggest issue for old homeowners is specialists that talk them into unneeded repair works. An independent assessment is encouraged by an inspector that does not do repair/contracting if you have contractors that you believe are overreacting. Give the inspector a crayon to mark exact locations requiring repair services.

Wood structures naturally sag over time which includes gradual flexing and stretching of the fibers. Commonly it is just required to reinforce beams and joists, or reduce their period with posts or columns and accept the sloped floors as 150-year-old house character.

Selling a rental property

Selling a property can be a stressful event at any time. When the property is rented, everyone should understand their rights and responsibilities.

Landlords sell their properties for many reasons. But remember that the tenant has a tenancy agreement that gives them the right to live in the house. You can make it less stressful by making sure everyone knows what’s happening throughout the sale process.

Landlords must let tenants know they’re selling

If a landlord puts the property on the market, they must tell the tenant in writing. They may also choose to let the tenant know in advance. A tenant may not react well to a real estate agent arriving unexpectedly on their doorstep.

Access to the property

Landlords must get the tenant’s permission before entering the house to take photos. The tenant can refuse to allow any photographs of their personal possessions. Landlord’s must also get the tenant’s permission to show possible buyer’s through the house. You may also want to show through a registered valuer or building expert.

Tenants may not agree to open homes or auctions at the property. Instead, they can insist that the property be shown by appointment only. They can also ask for a temporary rent reduction in return for allowing open homes. The landlord does not have to grant this.

How to Negotiate More Effectively in the Current Home Market

This year has surprisingly seen a strong housing market. Homeowners make monthly payments to the bank, and therefore you’d think the pandemic recession and job losses would lead to more property sellers

However, that hasn’t been the case. Low mortgage rates, low inventory supply and robust housing prices have led to a glut of buyers looking to acquire residential properties. Such an investment, whether personal or business, provides multiple benefits of long-term capital gains, tax advantages and monthly cash flow from renters.

Negotiate assertively

So what does a seller’s market mean for people looking to put a household on the market? It means they’re facing a robust real-estate sector and by liquidating now, homeowners can lock in an attractive price from multiple bidders.

Negotiating well requires doing homework. It’s important to stay cooperative (instead of being antagonistic) and avoid taking discussions too personal. However, you likely possess leverage to push harder on price and critical terms that matter most to your family.

Work with an expert realtor

As realtors know, local conditions dictate housing inventory levels, availability, price, negotiating leverage and whether you can obtain favorable terms. In a seller’s market, demand exceeds supply and that gives sellers a negotiating edge.

Tips for Buying a Home Near the Water

While homes on the water have long been popular, the pandemic appears to have increased demand. “Since Covid, home buyers are seeking waterfront residences outside of cities in more remote places,” she said. “They want space and freedom to be out without being around too many people.”

buyers interested in waterfront homes had the advantage for more than six years because of more supply than demand. Today, however, with sales of his properties up, sellers have the upper hand. So properties may be priced higher than they should be.

“While prices are bound to increase with growing demand, a 5- to 10-percent rise each year is a sign of a healthy appreciating market,” he said. “Anything more is too much.”

What Is the Beach or Lake Access?

a real estate consultant who has overseen the development of several waterfront resort communities, said buyers should know that many beaches are public, even if they’re within resort communities. If privacy is a concern, consider how easy it is for nonresidents to access the beach. Public parking, footpaths from the street to the beach and busy roads around the area are signs that the beach is convenient to visit.

Consider Health and Cleanliness Standards and Privacy

Health and security are important when buying a waterfront home. If you’re looking at residences in a resort community with a hotel, you have access to amenities, including restaurants and a pool, but community living comes with more people and common spaces.