Pros And Cons Of Using Commercial Electrical Maintenance

Electrical Maintenance Practices that Impact Safety

Improper or neglected maintenance of electrical wiring, mechanisms and equipment not only can lead to noncompliance with NFPA 70E, it significantly can increase the probability of workplace injury or death.

Proper engineering on the front end of a project, including acceptance testing and commissioning prior to initially energizing, ensures a smooth start up and reduces the problems that can keep a facility from coming on line. Many studies also have shown that routine maintenance, including testing of electrical distribution equipment, has increased reliability and minimized downtime for commercial and industrial facilities.

The same can be said about protecting electrical workers who operate or work on energized electrical equipment, as we now can calculate that the incident energy produced by an arcing fault is proportional to its operating time. This aspect of incident energy means that proper maintenance and testing of over-current protective devices (OCPD) not only is an operational issue, but also a safety issue.

OSHA regulations and NFPA requirements for a qualified electrical worker emphasize the need for safety and skills training for electrical and non-electrical workers. An electrical worker may be experienced, but may not meet OSHA’s definition of a qualified person if he or she lacks the safety training and skills required by 29CFR1910.332 and .333.


The NFPA 70E Committee states that an electrical power system must be properly designed, properly installed and properly maintained in order to be considered safe to operate or to maintain. Article 200 (Introduction & Scope) in Chapter 2 of NFPA 70E offers general requirements for safety-related maintenance, but does not give any specific details about the methodology for performing electrical maintenance or the frequency to which the different vintages, manufacturers and protective devices should be maintained.

Why Electrical Maintenance Is Important?

Electricity is one of the most important resources. No matter what kind of domestic, business, industrial or commercial property you run or take care of, electricity is essential and integral. When running things efficiently, it’s important to ensure that all electrical systems are maintained properly and they’re safe and reliable.

What Do You Need?

With all electrical maintenance work, team of professional electricians work all across both on domestic electrical and commercial electrical work.

Why Hire an Accredited Licensed and Experienced Electrician?

When fixing electrical appliances, electrical wiring or electrical outlets, you do need an accredited, qualified and licensed electrician.

Ethical Work Code

When it comes to the Australian electrical work code, we ensure that we comply and check that your construction complies with relevant regulations.

Several Good Reasons:

A fixed-price quote is reasonable and competitive. You have the utmost peace of mind.

Always here for our customers at any hour of the clock.

punctual with our on-site assistance. You’ll be sure to admire our prompt service.

Keep ourselves engaged in follow-up routines in order to ensure customers’ satisfaction.

Electrical Maintenance


Connecting your electrical devices to the ground is a delicate and important process, and it is vital that you are able to do it safely. Unless you have the right kind of training, this can be difficult, and for this reason, I can deal with all that needs to be done in relation to earthing, including all safety testing at the conclusion of the work. This means that you can rest assured that everything is safe and as it should be, so if you require connection currently, you can be sure that I can help.

Electrical Maintenance

As a property owner, you have the responsibility of making sure that everything is working in the right way, and one of the things that should be top on the list of priorities is your collection of electrical appliances and fittings. Problems with these can be dangerous, so keeping everything up and running is key. I can maintain all electric items that you own, allowing you to be sure that they are safe at all times. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so there is no doubt that my service is something that could be really valuable.

Fault Finding

Problems with your electrics can be difficult to solve, but this is even more the case when you’re not sure what is causing the problem in the first place. If this is something you’re struggling with at the moment, the good news is that Electrical Services are best to identify faults and fix them as soon as possible. This means that if you have any issues, can work to find solutions and you will have everything working again before you know it

Inspection & Testing

All electrical installations deteriorate with usage and age. To ensure your wiring meets the standards, electrical Inspection and Testing may be appointed at regular intervals to check whether they are in a good enough condition to carry on using them. These safety checks are known as ‘periodic inspection and testing’. Once have fully completed analysis and evaluations, you will be issued with an electrical condition report to prove that your property is up to date and meets all standards.

Electrical Repairs and Maintenance

Whether you need a one off repair for business continuity or an on-going maintenance programme, our team of qualified electrical engineers work around the clock to keep your business running smoothly, leaving you with peace of mind everything is taken care of.

Electrics repair and maintenance services ensures your business:

Complies with the very latest in regulations and standards

Provides a safe working environment

Maintains energy and cost efficiencies

Extends life expectancy of infrastructure and appliances

Electrics team put in place a rapid response service for repairs, starting with a site inspection to identify the problem. electricians either repair immediately or find an alternative, temporary solution to keep the business fully operational at all times.

The best way to avoid disruption is to talk to about electrical maintenance service. This way, can keep on top of potential problems, find the defects that can lead to longer, often more expensive, issues.

Residential and Commercial Electricians


When it comes to installing new outlets, electrical panels, or any appliance with complex electrical wiring, it’s always best to call the professionals.


Enhance certain areas of your home inside and out with specialty lighting, holiday lighting, and landscape lighting.  Adding lights with wireless lighting controls to the exterior of your home or business can also increase security.

Electrical Safety

Keeping your home and family safe by preventing an electrical fire is priority.  Other preventive measures, such as child proof outlets, are simple ways to ensure peace of mind.

Working from Home?

Your home office environment can make or break your remote work experience. Simple upgrades to your home’s electrical system will transform your workspace by improving lighting, electrical distribution, and internet connectivity


Home standby generators and portable generators are just two of the options to help your home or business stay up and running in the event of a disaster or power outage.