Bathroom And Kitchen Remodeling Essential Aspects

Kitchen Remodeling

When remodeling your kitchen, the options are endless. Are you looking to completely renovate your space with brand new cabinets, countertops and appliances? Or do you want to do a quick refresh and update your current cabinetry and repaint your walls? Whether you want to change your space with all new materials or simply revive what you already have

design solutions to bring to life your dream kitchen:

Quick update with our exclusive Duramax™ Cabinet Refacing services

Remodel your space with brand-new cabinets

Under cabinet LED lighting or exposed lighting

Wood, laminate, and tile flooring

Unique backsplashes

Sinks and faucets

Crown molding

Kitchen islands

Pantries and more kitchen accessories

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

First things first—it is vital to establish a kitchen layout before attempting to remodel because it represents the core of a successful renovation. Whether you are starting from scratch and building a room from the ground up or you’re remodeling the construction of your existing design structure, there are benefits of both. If you are creating a brand new kitchen, you have the freedom to design your dream space without any pre-existing obstacles to impede your vision. On the other hand, if you’re remodeling the current construction of your kitchen, you will add value to your home and enhance the comfort and convenience

Old Oak Gets New Update

Once popular in the 70’s and 80’s, oak cabinets have become outdated and unwanted in many of today’s kitchen designs

White Is Timeless

We’re also seeing an age-old staple climb up in popularity – the traditional and timeless white kitchen. Whether it’s used in a contemporary kitchen with white shaker style doors, or in a more traditional style – white is a favorite of homeowners today.

How much to spend on your renovation

After seemingly countless months stuck at home this year, many of us are more attuned than ever to the best (and worst) bits of our living spaces. So if you’re considering a renovation – perhaps for more room, or a more modern look – how much should you spend? What should you focus on, and how can you avoid overcapitalising?

How to budget for a renovation

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to how much to spend on a renovation. As for a long-term investment property, she suggests opting for hard wearing, good quality finishes. “Using cheap light fittings, plumbing fittings, all those things will come back and haunt you.”

“Some people, if they’re getting handy, might be able to pull out a kitchen themselves and put in an one,” he says. “They might be able to do that for $10,000 or $15,000, but to engage any professional you’d be looking at about $30,000.” People are often surprised at the price of bathroom renovations, which says start at about $20,000. “Those wet areas, they just cost.”

How to save money when renovating

For a partial renovation, or if you’re trying to save some bucks, there are other alternatives. “There’s a huge market for refacing kitchens because sometimes the carcasses of a kitchen are actually not so bad,” says

says new flooring – engineered floorboards start at about $20 a square metre – can dramatically improve the feel of a property. As can a fresh paint job, which is relatively cheap if you’re willing to put in the hard yards.

Adding a New Kitchen for a Newly Developed Home Addition

Cooking is an art that requires the artists to have all the right equipment and ample working space to get their culinary skills shining. A small kitchen can make even the simplest forms of cooking tasks challenging. If your home doesn’t have enough space to get you the kitchen space you need, you should probably consider adding.

A kitchen addition can be an exciting idea and a great reality to work on, but can also be stressful if you do not do proper planning. A lot of steps are involved in planning, designing, and building a kitchen addition. You need to determine the size, blending addition, and other aspects such as appliances, lighting, and room products. With that said, here is everything you need to know to get the perfect kitchen addition.

Determine the amount of space you need to add

Before making any calls, you will need to determine whether you have space to add in the first place. The kitchen is the central part of a home and creating thoughtfully designed space is a top priority. If you have enough space to work on, your next worry is finding an architecture that will design a new addition that will thoroughly blend your home and personal style. You can research as many layouts as possible before committing to a specific design.

Things to know when adding on a new kitchen

Just having enough space is not enough to give you the go-ahead with your kitchen addition project. For instance, you need to prepare your mind for faults, delays, and other project mishaps. There could be a thousand and one unforeseen issues that could crop up at any stage of the project. If it is a house you have already moved into, be prepared, especially finding a temporary cooking area for a specific duration.

Have a budget

Starting a building project without setting a budget can be costly. A new kitchen requires a smooth step by step planning, a detailed cost breakdown, a list of material and labour cost, and plenty of research. Every detail given by your designer will cost you some money; therefore, it would be prudent if you could come up with the budget together.

Kitchen Remodeling

Aside from your bathroom, the kitchen is where you and your family spend the most time in your home. You deserve a kitchen that is beautiful, functional and one that you’re proud of!

Your kitchen lies at the heart of your home. Renovating your kitchen space can dramatically improve your home’s overall appearance, purpose, and functionality.

Whether your kitchen needs a simple makeover, or a complete overhaul, the team at Renovations has you covered.

team of professionals have remodeled countless kitchens in hometown. know what’s functional, efficient, and what looks good.

Best DIY Kitchen Upgrades

Research shows that the kitchen is the number one place where upgrades will be noticed and will reward you – either in the sale of your home or in the ease and efficiency of your everyday life. Unfortunately, renovating an entire kitchen can be extremely costly. The good news is, there are many ways that you can upgrade pieces of your kitchen yourself

Paint the walls. Kitchens tend to have a relatively small area of visual wall space, so don’t be afraid to go bold!

Paint the cabinets. Although it requires a lot of time and effort, painting out your old and/or unsightly kitchen cabinets is a highly cost-effective way to make a huge impact.

Install a backsplash. No matter what it’s made of – tile, glass, stone, mirrors, wood – or how simple or complex, a backsplash is both integral to your kitchen’s style and highly useful in protecting your walls.

Install a corbel where backsplash ends and wall begins for a polished look.